Mark Brennan – Shaped By The Wind

Shaped By The Wind

Mark Brennan über dieses Video: „Winter on the Northumberland Strait with temperatures dipping to -20 degrees C. I head out onto the ice to make a field recording of the ever present Arctic North wind that shapes just about everything in winter. In a few weeks the ice will begin to move, I will go back and record this unique sound. Oh, its all faux fur on the mics!“


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Sebastian-Thies Hinrichsen

Sebastian-Thies Hinrichsen

Gründer, Betreiber und Chefredakteur von Zudem Field Recordist und offizielles Mitglied der Wildlife Sound Recording Society. Profi mit mehrjähriger Erfahrung in Sachen Musik, Klanggestaltung, Tontechnik und Field Recording.